Originals Artists


Terry Kobus NDAD fine art Hdip., was born and educated in Zimbabwe. He enjoyed spending time in the bush while growing up and this is evident in their choice of subject matter as he still returns to remote places to find inspiration. He left Zimbabwe to study Fine Art in the late seventies after which he accepted a post as lecturer in Graphic Printmaking at the then WITS Technikon. He has been involved in graphic design for 30yrs and has now returned to his first love, oil painting. He produces a variety of styles and sized works each displaying fine craftsmanship and execution His passion for mountain biking has allowed an interesting synergy. Riding his bike into remote areas, camera and sketchbook ever ready, Terry has collected reference material for paintings of rural South Africa From quick sketches in his journal to oil studies on wood and more detailed larger paintings his works capture moments in time away from big city in the grasslands of the Drakensberg and Transkei and along the beaches of the Western Cape Terry has had works exhibited in France, USA and South Africa.

Originals Gallery in Hermanus is the home of local Overberg artist Terry Kobus. He has his art studio at the gallery and visitors can see him at work on new and exciting paintings

Terry Kobus - Nguni in mielie field SA

Terry Kobus - DangerPoint Caretaker

Terry Kobus - Mischief - Indigenous Goat

Terry Kobus - Onrus Sunset
Terry Kobus - Nguni - Speckled Hide
Terry Kobus - Nguni - Sideways Glance
Terry Kobus - Nguni - White Clouds
Terry Kobus - Nguni - Rusty
Terry Kobus - Boer Bok
Terry Kobus - Koi Symphony II
Terry Kobus - Koi Vortex
Terry Kobus - Walker Bay sunrise
Terry Kobus - Big Splash
Terry Kobus - Nguni - Golden Bull
Terry Kobus - Once was Warrior
Terry Kobus - Chevy Truck Karoo